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Weight Loss

More than a fat farm, Birdwing Spa focuses on long  term lifestyle enhancement through fitness and healthy nutrition based on spa cuisineIf weight loss is your goal, we can help. We know that healthy weight loss and long-lasting results requires more than fat farms and fad diets. At Birdwing Spa, we focus on you, your preferences and your goals. Our objective is your enhanced health, your well-being today and for the rest of your life.

The Journey to Wellness Program

Most of us know we could do more to have healthier lifestyle and more energy. The difficulty always seems be where do we find the time to make the change...

Birdwing Spa is the perfect solution. Our “Journey to Wellness” program will help you re-focus, rejuvenate and re-energize in starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. You'll take part in one-on-one consultions with our knowledgeable staff during your stay to assist you in gathering the tools needed for more fulfilling and healthy life. Experience the tranquility of Birdwing Spa’s beautiful grounds... participate in an array of fitness classes such as qi gong, kickboxing, bellydancing, yoga and more... attend cooking demonstrations, nutrition classes and goal setting presentations...all of this—and more—is just waiting for you at Birdwing Spa!

The Journey to Wellness is available to guests staying a week or longer for an additional $250. Long Term Stays: Receive a 10% discount on your second week stay and a 15% discount for the third week through the duration of your stay.

The Journey to Wellness promotes 5 steps to healthful living:

Step 1: Take time for yourself to reflect, relax and refocus.

Step 2: Set weight loss or maintenance goals that are realistic. Determine your ideal weight with a body composition analysis. Have your resting metabolism rate checked. Most people are pleasantly surprised with the results!

Step 3: Take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Enjoy being pampered with a daily spa treatment. Attend exercise classes, outdoor fitness activities, health presentations and meditation sessions. Learn how to clear the clutter from your mind and "decompress," making it easier to focus on your needs and personal goals.

Step 4: Discover and participate in fitness activities you actually enjoy. Boost your energy and enthusiasm in just days! With the guidance of a personal trainer you will take home a weight loss or maintenance fitness program that you won't be frustrated with in a week or bored with in a month.

Step 5: Benefit from the nutrient-rich, wholesome foods of Birdwing's spa cuisine. Attend hands-on cooking classes with the chef and take home the new third edition Birdwing Spa Cookbook.

Weight loss or weight maintenance can be an energizing, nutritious, and delicious experience. Enchance your life at Birdwing Spa. Then take your spa experience one step further. Sign up for Birdwing Spa's Journey to Wellness Program today! Download our registration form.

To view the registration form you will need Adobe Reader.

More than a fat farm, Birdwing Spa focuses on long  term lifestyle enhancement through fitness and healthy nutrition based on spa cuisine 4-Week Journey to Wellness Program

Birdwing Spa is looking for people to be involved in our Journey to Wellness Program for an intensive 4-week stay.

Depending on your present weight and body composition, realistic weight loss goals will be set. During your stay, a ten pound weight loss minimum is expected with an additional ten pounds minimum loss within two months of your departure. Some of your goals may be 30, 40, 50 pounds, and we want to assist you in achieving those results. If those weight loss goals are achieved, you will receive a credit of $500 toward a follow-up stay of 2 or more days within the next six months, or if you prefer you will receive a check for $250. You will then receive a final credit of $500 toward a second follow-up stay, or again if you prefer, you will receive a check for $250 upon reaching and maintaining your goal weight for that final six month period.

The intensive four week program to help make those significant health and lifestyle changes will include:

  • Fitness Evaluation upon arrival and departure
  • Body Composition Analysis upon arrival and departure
  • Metabolism Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • One-on-one Consultations with our fitness professionals
  • Personalized take-home fitness program
  • Multiple outdoor and indoor fitness activities-daily
  • Motivating wellness presentations
  • Nutrition and Meal Preparation classes
  • Three Basic Hour Spa Services ($75 each) per week
  • All lodging with nutritious balanced spa cuisine meals

The fee for our 4-Week Program is $6,730 per person for Double Occupancy or $7,361 Single Occupancy. The Journey to Wellness Program fee is included in that rate as well as all other costs. There will be MN sales tax (6.875%) added to about a third of that rate. A nonrefundable deposit of $1,200 will be required upon reservation with full payment upon arrival.

It is stated that a change made for 21 days becomes a habit. The commitment you make at Birdwing will give you the chance to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle. We all strive for a healthier and happier future. Let Birdwing Spa help you reach that goal! Please call us today 320-693-6064.


“Thank you for the wonderful service and conversation during my stay at your spa, although I wish I had stayed longer. All of you went out of your way, above and beyond…truly. And it was the first time I have seen a cardinal in real life.” —Fenya


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