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Yoga Classes

NEW Yoga for Better Sleep
Do you suffer from sleepless nights?
This class is designed for you. Learn an evening yoga routine focused on quieting your mind and preparing yourself for a restful night of sleep. Also, relaxation and meditation techniques are explored. No yoga experience necessary.

Gentle Yoga
This class builds and strengthens a students’ basic Hatha yoga practice and for those wishing to counteract the effects of osteoporosis, back pain, arthritic joints and surgery. The class works on principles of alignment using slow gentle stretching, tied together with breath. Also, includes gentle movements, breathing techniques and meditation. Safety and ease are primary, with modifications to fit individual needs. No yoga experience necessary.

Yoga: Abs & Arms
A strong core is more than having 6-pack abs. This class will focus on enlivening and integrating the energetic core with the physical core to activate true core strength and personal power. Also, devoted to our shoulders and upper torsos, we will release the tension and stress of daily life through gentle movements. Once we have begun to relax this area, we are ready to learn how to effectively build strength without building tension in our shoulders. No yoga experience necessary.

Yoga on the Ball
A dynamic class that combines principles of both Yoga and Pilates using the physioball to encourage greater balance, core strength, flexibility, stability and postural alignment.

Meditative Yoga Hike

Join a silent hiking retreat to reflect as you enjoy the lakes and rich wildlife amidst the wooded trails. Learn the basic standing yoga poses along the way.

Sun Salutation
Celebrate a new day! Learn the flowing sequence of twelve poses known as the sun salutation or Surya Namaskar. Each pose counteracts the one before, stretching the body in a different way and alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breath. Offered weekday mornings.

Yoga with Alysha tree-Stalsworth at Birdwing's Day Spa

Yoga Hip-Openers
Hips are the largest joint in the body, they are also a weight bearing joint. Hips are closely tied into issues with the low back, knees and even the ankles. If that weren't enough, our hips also store tension and stress from our lives. As you know, the hips can have a mind of their own and resist as we are trying to loosen them. This class is designed to lovingly coax our hips to begin releasing tension. As we open our hips we will notice an increased range of motion and a feeling of openness. You will walk or even dance out with a new understanding and appreciation of you hips. No yoga experience necessary.

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